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What a Year it's Been!

For everyone 2020 was a very difficult year! I mean who would have thought I would open a studio in Downtown Bel Air on Main Street only to have to temporally close my doors two weeks later. It has always been my dream to have a store front on Main Street. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement during the ribbon cutting on March 6th 2020. There was about 50 people here. Family, friends, clients and the Downtown Bel Air Alliance. It was so special! All that excitement was sucked right out of me when I had to close my brand new renovated studio. It took me 9 years to get here and to not be able to go to work was heartbreaking. So many emotions. I love capturing your families memories. It gives me so much joy to see my work hung on your walls in your homes. Not being able to photograph those newborns for over 2 months was crushing! I actually got baby fever so bad I tried to talk my husband into having a 3rd child. If you could only have seen his face that morning! He was like, "you need to go back to work." I said, "all I want to do is go back to work!" I'm a worker and to have that taken away from you is devastating.

Both of my daughters are in Elementary School and my youngest has an IEP and to say those few months of homeschooling was brutal would be an understatement! Most of you that know me...know I'm not a homeschool teacher LOL. I mean I love my daughters to the moon and back and would do absolutely anything for them but, let's be honest are we really setting up a school in our house...please send help! We moved to our neighborhood for the schools...which they got to attend for 6 months until they were shut down. Felt so bad for all the kiddos!

Thankfully, things are getting somewhat back to "NORMAL". My youngest daughter Ariah got to start back to school 4 days a week last Monday. We've been her advocate all these years so why would we give up during a pandemic!?!? Our daughters education comes first. With us watching her get her Speech, OT, Special ED services virtually was so sad. Once things started opening up we contacted the school and explained how she absolutely can not learn like this. After a few meetings we were able to get her back into the school and receive her services in person. I can't even begin to explain how happy Ariah was when she came home from school last week! She was beaming with excitement! Her sister Alanah last week said, "Mom I'm so tired of homeschooling I want to go back to school." I said, "honey you will be back in 2 weeks and go with your sister." Being a parent is a tough job and this past year has tested all of us. We will rise up and we will be stronger from this! I could go the rest of my life without hearing Virtual School, Quarantine and Social Distance! With that being said, I'm so excited to capture your families memories in 2021!

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