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Growing up with a camera in my hand, I was eager to further my father’s own passion for photography in my own personal ways. After becoming a parent myself, feeling the urgency and desire to capture every moment of my children’s lives and marking those milestones through photography, I felt that dream of becoming a professional photographer more than ever before. With unyielding support and understanding, my husband, along with my girls, inspired me to begin offering my unique vision to other families by capturing their most important, yet fleeting, moments.

Capturing those personalities, whether in my photo studio or outdoors, can only be accomplished with the right light, background, and props. I prepare for my photography sessions in such a way as to set the stage for an individual’s personality to shine through.

Not only am I driven to create personalized images that are meant to become family heirlooms, I am honored to be included in such intimate family decisions such as this. Your engagement and wedding photos, maternity and newborn pictures, and family portraits can represent some of the most important moments of your life; as a professional photographer, I take their importance very seriously.

Today, my love, inspiration, and passion of photographing families along with their milestones is more than I could have ever hoped for. I love being able to give families photographs they will cherish and hang on their walls for a lifetime. I’m so fortunate to have made my dream a reality and will be forever grateful for my clients.

I invite you to browse my online gallery in order to gauge my unique vision and if it’s what your family would expect from a professional photographer. As a family photographer in Bel Air, I welcome your comments, questions, and concerns and look forward to capturing your special family moments with you. View My Story.


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