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Some Tips For Your Wedding Day

This picture was taken at Pond View Farms in White Hall, MD by Kerry Paradis Photography

We all know how stressful weddings can be. There is so much that goes into it for that one special day. When the day arrives you want to make sure you are prepared for what to expect. I have been married for a while now and have photographed LOTS of weddings, so I think I have a pretty good grasp on how couples can better enjoy this precious moment. Here are some tips that I suggest:


I can’t stress this enough. You are not sure when you will have time to eat throughout the day so this is critical. If you are anything like me, I tend to get a little crazy when I’m hungry. Make sure the breakfast is high in protein and complex carbs.


It feels like no matter how much time a bride or groom has to get ready that they always end up rushing. Make sure you are able to relax and have a good time with your bridesmaids and not stress about the time.


With how much time it takes to get your hair and makeup done, the last thing you want to do is have to pull a shirt over your fresh hair and makeup. It is not worth messing anything up.


This applies to the brides and the grooms. When the day arrives you want to make sure nothing is overlooked. I make a list every day to help remind me of what I need to do. The last thing you want is to be walking down the aisle and think, “What was that thing I was supposed to take care of again?” A list will keep you sane and don’t be afraid to delegate the tasks out to the bridal party. They all want you to enjoy your day and will be more than happy to help with anything you want. For you control freaks J you may have trust someone else today. You will feel much more relaxed. I promise!


This can be a touchy subject or an implied one. There should be some sort of understanding of how your friends should act on your day. The groom normally sets the example and most of the time the party follows suit. Typically I see the grooms and groomsman have a few beers before the wedding to loosen up. There have been times when too much was consumed and it can pose problems all around. You don’t want anyone falling over during the ceremony. Regardless, there should be some sort of formal or informal discussion about it. The same can apply to the bride’s maids as well.


I love when there is a good wedding coordinator. It can make all the difference in the day if they are good. Notice how I say if they are good. A good coordinator should make sure you stick to the timeline that is created ahead of time. There are times when I have to not only photograph the wedding, but also be the coordinator because the venue is failing to do their part. Couples often decide to cut this expense, but coordinators let you enjoy your day by keeping drama at bay. Time is something you don’t want to waste on your wedding day so it is worth the cost to have the coordinator. I have some recommendations for some that I work well with if you are interested.


There is no reason to have your phone out once the day begins. Let your bridesmaids and groomsman handle everything for you. Just focus on you. Anyone you will care about seeing will be there. Unplugging for the day will help you live in the moment.


The day will go by in the blink of an eye. Make sure you take the time to let it all in. When you are walking down the aisle, look around, pay attention to the details, smile and take a deep breath. Trust me if you don’t, you will regret it. It is literally the fastest day of your life!


I rarely see this done anymore, but I recommend it. Since you are the center of attention everyone wants to talk to you. It is impossible to speak to everyone. Take time at some point during the reception to say “Thank You” to everyone. It goes a long way.


This is a day you'll want to remember clearly for the rest of your life, so make sure you don't drink too much (that's for doing at your friends' weddings). One tip is to drink a full glass of water between each alcoholic drink. You spend way too much money for it all to be a blur the next day.


Everyone knows how uncomfortable the shoes are that go with your dress. Once the ceremony is done, pack some comfortable shoes so you don’t have to worry about your sore feet all day and night. No one is going to care and all the pictures you will care about will be over.


The best pictures during the reception happen on the dance floor. If you go out and dance, everyone will join you. This is the one day you can dance however you want (even if it is like Elaine Benefits from Seinfeld).


I remember when I was planning my wedding and how stressful it was. You get so caught up in the hype you forget what the day is really about. It is important to take a moment for the both of you and reflect on the day and the incredible journey that lies ahead.

Picture of Kerry Paradis from Kerry Paradis Photography

About Kerry Paradis

I was born and raised in Perry hall (Baltimore area) and have been living in Harford County Maryland for close to 15 years. I have two daughters that keep me very busy and a very understanding husband that helps keep me sane :) I love all kinds of photography including Newborns, Weddings and Family. For the past several years I performed shoots out of my house, but recently opened a photography studio in Joppa, Maryland next to the “The Great Hall” Wedding Venue at the Millstad. My studio allows the perfect lighting to capture the best pictures and it is surrounded by 40 acres of property that is used by a ballet studio and gymnastics facility. There are plenty of places to photograph! I also have some favorite beautiful spots in the area that I like to photograph at as well. Whether you are looking to capture the first days of your baby’s life, the important times with your family, Senior Portraits for your High School Graduation, or walking down the aisle on your special wedding day, I would love for you to consider me! I do not take any of my business for granted and feel blessed to do what I love for my career. I invite you to check out my website and subscribe to my email list for exclusive discounts and updates. I try and write these blogs in a way that might answer some questions you may have. If you ever have any ideas for my blog, shoot me an email and I will be happy to see what I can do. Feel free to check out my testimonials.

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