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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Newborn Shoots

The purpose of this post is to answer most questions you may have surrounding a newborn photo-shoot. I still welcome all your questions, but this might save you some time. You can also post your comments in the section below and I will do my best to respond to them as soon as possible. Also, you can check out a previous blog, “How to Plan for a Newborn Photo Shoot”. To get a sample of my style of photography, you can check out my newborn/maternity portfolio. I also offer packages which can be found here.

When should I schedule my newborn session?

It is best to schedule your session about 3 months in advance.I only take newborn sessions Tuesday-Thursday, but make exceptions if those days won’t suffice.My schedule does fill-up fast so I want to make sure I squeeze you in.To answer another question that is probably on your mind is we can always change the date around if you deliver early or late.The majority of my mother’s never deliver on-time anyway so the time is always shifted.The purpose of the initial appointment is so I know what my juggling act is going to look like

How old are the newborns that you typically photography?

I try and photography babies no older than their first 14 days of life, the younger the better.There are times when I go beyond, but that is normally if the baby was premature.After the 14 day mark babies become restless and most of the poses aren’t as effective anymore.

Will you travel to my home for the photo session?

Unfortunately, all my newborn sessions take place in my studio.I have the lighting setup to eliminate any shadows, etc.I have so many props, backdrops, floors, etc., it would be very difficult for me to deliver the quality product I want to if I had to setup each time at different locations.I used to shoot out of my house and there were always shadows and other obstacles that took me years to get accustomed to.With me not knowing the layout of your home, I wouldn’t feel comfortable offering this option.

Can we take pictures with our child?

I charge an additional $50 for pictures with the siblings and/or parents. I try and get about 10 pictures. The reason for the charge is because sometimes these are the hardest pictures to get. I have seen other photographers charge an additional $250 for these, so I think $50 isn't too bad.

How long do the shoots last?

A typical newborn session lasts around 4 hours.Sometimes even longer.I always block off 5 hours to be on the safe side, but cross your fingers it doesn’t take that long.

What is the temperature of the studio?

I keep the studio in the 80-90 range.It does get hot in here, but the baby’s prefer it that cozy.The more comfortable we can keep the baby, the faster the shoot will be.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, checks and cash.If I choose to pay by credit card, I charge an additional 3% because that is what they charge me.

How many people can I bring to the photo shoot?

My studio has room to seat about 4 people comfortably.From my experience, less is better.It can be very trying on your patience sometimes and outside of immediate family, most don’t have the patience to sit through the session.I do have a television and WiFi so I will leave this one up to you.

“I saw a particular pose on Pinterest or from a friend, can we try some of these poses?”

I am more than happy to entertain any poses you want, but keep in mind, they don’t always work for everyone.An example of this is the famous “Froggy Pose.”This is a very cute picture that I try and get, but it works out about 25% of the time.It involves taking two pictures back to back with one holding the baby by just the head and another by just holding the hands.In the editing I merge them together.Babies are not always cooperative with this and it can mess up the rest of the shoot.I normally hold this one until the end. If you have some ideas in mind, send them to me before our session so I can prepare.There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, but I will do my best to make you happy.

May I bring some sentimental props with me for the pictures?

Of course you can!I am a very sentimental person so I can appreciate you wanting to incorporate that into your pictures. This also applies to sports memorabilia, etc. Just let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

What if my baby doesn’t cooperate?

Babies are just like adults, they have their good days and bad days.If your baby doesn’t appear that he/she is going to cooperate we will reschedule.Even though this can put me in a bind with other shoots, it is more important to me to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your pictures.We will get the pictures!

How are you different than the competition?

Pricing Structure

One thing I pride myself on is being different than the competition.There are photographers that will charge you for each picture you want to order.I charge a flat rate for my shoots.This includes around 30-40 pictures edited on a zip file with printing rights.You are free to do whatever you want with the pictures, you paid for them!


I have seen some photographers not even allow their clients to post their pictures on Facebook unless it clearly shows their logo.This does not seem fair to me.Within a few days from me taking the pictures I try and get a “sneak peek” up on Instagram or Facebook so you can get a little preview.On these pictures I put my logo, but once I am done and send you your gallery, you can post away.Of course I wouldn’t mind you mentioning my name, but I am not going to say you have to.


For newborn sessions, I do not require a deposit.I trust that if you book with me that you will use me.I have never had anyone cancel so I have not had any need to collect a deposit upfront.You pay after your shoot is done.


As stated earlier, I am committed to getting your pictures.There are photographers that will charge you for the session regardless if a single picture is taken.This is not my philosophy and never will be.You only pay after there was a session with pictures taken.No questions asked.

About Kerry Paradis Photography

I was born and raised in Perry hall (Baltimore area) and have been living in Harford County, Maryland for close to 15 years. I have two daughters that keep me very busy and a very understanding husband that helps keep me sane J I love all kinds of photography including Newborns, Weddings and Family. For the past several years I performed shoots out of my house, but recently opened a photography studio in Joppa, Maryland next to the “The Great Hall” Wedding Venue at the Millstad. My studio allows the perfect lighting to capture the best pictures and it is surrounded by 40 acres of property that is used by a ballet studio and gymnastics facility. There are plenty of places to photograph! I also have some favorite beautiful spots in the area that I like to photograph at as well. Whether you are looking to capture the first days of your baby’s life, the important times with your family, Senior Portraits for your High School Graduation, or walking down the aisle on your special wedding day, I would love for you to consider me! I do not take any of my business for granted and feel blessed to do what I love for my career. I invite you to check out my website and subscribe to my email list for exclusive discounts and updates. I try and write these blogs in a way that might answer some questions you may have. If you ever have any ideas for my blog, shoot me an email and I will be happy to see what I can do.

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