• Kerry Paradis

Gender Reveal Parties…The Next Big Party!

Gender Reveal with a balloon filled with confetti
A balloon popping with the confetti revealing the sex of the baby

With this day and age, we like to have a party to celebrate anything. Gender reveal parties are the new thing. Most people know and understand what a “baby shower” is for expecting parents. Lots of silly, baby-related games are played, while friends and family members provide gifts for the eventual newest member of the family. In the past decade or so, a different type of party is now being associated with pregnancies: gender reveals. After learning of the gender themselves — sometimes even the parents are in the dark — the expectant parents invite family and friends to a party where they reveal the baby’s gender. The only thing as exciting as having a baby is finding out what the sex of the baby will be. There are some that want to wait until the end to find out, but I was never patient enough to wait that long. Part of the fun of the party is to find a creative way to reveal to everyone what you are going to have. I have daughters and I revealed their genders in two different ways, but I have also photographed several different ways couples decided to reveal. Below are some of the ideas that I have seen along with my own. I should also say that I have some custom packages that include a reveal photoshoot when booked with a newborn session. You can email me if you have question.

Balloon in a Box

When our first daughter was born, we decided to use the balloon method. We put all the helium balloons in a box and sealed it up. We let a family member open the box and let the pink balloons come flying out.

Water Balloon Fight

With our other daughter we had a balloon fight. We filled up one ballon with pink water and the other ones were just regular water. We had our two nieces and nephews wear white shirts and have a balloon fight. When the right balloon was thrown the shirt turned pink.

Paint Fight

The paint fight is always a good idea. I have photographed several client who wore white shirts and had a paint fight squirting the bottle on each other with blue or pink. These pictures are always great to share.


If you are having a party, one of the best methods to reveal the gender is through cake or cupcakes. You can have the cupcakes blue or pink on the outside, but it isn't until you bit into the cupcake/cake that you find out what the sex is. You just want to make sure that everyon