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Top 5 Reasons Why to Capture That Bump

Expecting Moms put their babies before them even before they are out of the womb! Scheduling the newborn session and not even thinking about themselves and what their amazing bodies are doing! Let's be honest it's not 9 1/2 months of carrying your baby it's more like 10 MONTHS! You literally are carrying a little human inside of your body and it's an unbelievable experience. Why do you think Mothers do it again, again, again and sometimes again....I'm sure the cankles, wanting to eat everything in site, heartburn and possibly morning sickness doesn't make you feel as beautiful as you really are! Even with the glowing skin, hair and nails that grow so fast it's hard to come to grips with the fact that you are one beautiful glowing Mama. Please don't even go down that route of comparing yourself to any of those IG Moms who are running 10 miles a day! You do YOU! #1 reason to capture that bump is...It's your body and you should be proud of your bump because you really are glowing!

There are so many reason to document this very special moment in your life. #1 reason being... capture that bump. It's your body and you should be proud of your bump because you really are glowing! #2 being... it brings you and your spouse closer together. When I'm shooting maternity sessions the Dads don't mind so much because they get a little make-out session :). It makes you grow closer as a couple that is getting ready to be soon to be parents. That's right I said, "PARENTS" You are getting ready to have someone besides yourself to take care of. You won't fully understand until you have your baby. Once you have your baby nothing is more important than being the best parent you can possibly be! They are your entire world. There is no better feeling in the world! It is so very special. 3rd reason being... you will look back at these pictures and miss that bump! It's also neat to show the kiddos your bump and tell them that's them in your belly. My girls love listening to stories about when I was pregnant and how I went into labor with their delivery stories. Don't worry I'm not one of those people who tells you a terrible delivery story before you deliver. I'll save that for your newborn session :).

The 4th reason can show as much or little as you want. Sometimes I do in studio sessions at my studio in Downtown Bel Air for a more intimate experience. Lots of couples like to have it be just the two of them in studio and not outside. We can get some really neat shots black/white and color along with some silhouettes. It just depends on the style you are going. My expecting Mamas normally bring 2 to 3 dresses for the in studio sessions.

Some, the outdoor maternity sessions take place on the water, local parks, or Wedding Venues. I've shot a maternity session in below 30 degree weather in January before. Oh the things we do for pictures! Such an awesome shoot, cold very cold, but totally worth it!

5th reason being... to have these photos hang on your walls to cherish for a lifetime. You may might not have more children down the road, but you'll have this milestone captured and be able to look back on how simple things were then :) It should be treasured forever.

I offer family pictures at no additional charge because I know how special those pictures are. I still have my pictures of my daughters as newborns on my walls. I did my newborn session with my husband 3 days after delivering. I didn't feel up to it! I felt fat and just wanted to snuggle with my baby, but I got ready and had my husband take some pictures of me with my first born. I'm so grateful I did that! Hey listen, if the color version doesn't make you feel beautiful the black and white ones always do! They are timeless and will hang on your walls for a lifetime. You will cherish them forever! When I have a client say to me they just want pictures of the baby I always let them know I've had clients in the past that regretted this terribly. They come for 6 months session and say I should have listened to you. The thing is they will never be this tiny ever again! Remember it's not about you anymore, it's about that sweet little baby and this hands down is a milestone that must be captured.

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