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What's the Big Secret?!?!

Let's be honest, having a baby is very serious! People don't realize how hard giving birth can be! I'm not sure why it's not talked about more! Was anyone going to tell me about that sexy underwear you get to wear after giving birth?!?! Oh and let's not forget the ice packs!

I went into labor with my first daughter on a Thursday and didn't have her until Sunday. My Dad and I were born on a Sunday so I thought it was very special that she came on a Sunday. She was very comfy in there. Her delivery is just like her personality. Laid back, turn the music up, put the windows down and a total Tomboy kinda gal! :)

I went 41 1/2 weeks with both of my daughters. I just assumed that I would be able to have a natural birth like some of my girlfriends and decided to not get an epidural. You see, not all births are the same, which unfortunately for some reason someone forgot to mention that to me. Some women are baby makers and some it's harder for. Like lucky me LOL...I made it to 8 cm and started having back labor and the baby was sunny side up. I was in so much pain and had been up for hours. I was completely exhausted and eventually got the epidural. My daughter was born vaginally 20 minutes later. I remember my husband saying, couldn't you have done that yesterday haha! I had this vision that it was going to go so much smoother, but things don't always work out as planned. I have come quit