• Kerry Paradis

Tips for Getting Family Photos Taken

Family Portrait by Kerry Paradis Photography

Trust me, I know as well as anyone that getting your family pictures taken can be stressful. There is a lot that goes into it and it can get tense very quickly. You want everyone behaving properly and looking great for their pictures at the same time. You have already coordinated your session with your family and me because everyone is so busy and you want to make sure your session turns out exactly how you envisioned. These are some tips for putting the odds in your favor that things will turn out the way you had hoped.


When you first get in front of the camera it can be a little nerve racking, this is completely normal! Most of my new clients start off this way and then get more comfortable as the session goes on. For this reason, most of the better pictures happen later in the session. Put your trust in me being 100% honest with you that if I need you to do something to make the picture better, I will ask. Most people appreciate the honesty. A photographer who is too shy to help you adjust throughout the session may leave some good pictures on the table. Just try and relax during your session and I will make you look great. If you feel stressed on the inside, you will look stressed in your photos.


I am not going to go into too much detail here because I have already written a whole blog on it that can be found here, but you need to plan out what you want to wear. Think about how you want your photos to feel and look, then base your clothing choices around those concepts. For the most part, clients normally take a neutral approach. The benefit of this is because you never know where this picture might hang. Believe it or not, that can factor into what you want the picture to look like.


For those of you with children know this better than anyone. You don’t want to have your session right in the middle of nap time. It never works out for anyone. Most younger kids are better early morning when they are still fresh. If you get on my schedule early enough, we will have time to plan around this. I know that sometimes the best pictures may occur during the golden hour in the late afternoon, but if your child is tired, it won’t really make a difference, they will be grumpy and won’t cooperate anyway.


I know this is easier said than done with everyone so busy now days, but it does help. If you have relatives coming into town and your son has a soccer game the morning of your session, that may put too much stress and distractions on your family. If possible, try and schedule your photos for a day when you don't have a lot of plans. It will help you center your focus on the pictures.


I have seen so many families show up for their sessions so stressed out because they were rushing around which led to arguing. I know it is very hard to make it anywhere on time when their are kids involved. It seems like they move at a snails pace when there is somewhere you have to be. One of the benefits of arriving early also helps your children because you can walk around the location and get your children comfortable before the session begins. Sometimes your child just need to familiarize themselves with their new environment. It also helps encourage comfort and confidence for the photos. When everyone is relaxed and comfortable, I will have a much easier time capturing natur